This model entrepreneur has channeled all of his experience plus his expansive technical knowledge into a new company in tax valuation, advocating for property owners with his certifications in tax representation.

But that was not enough so he has spurred his knowledge into Cost Segregation Associates, Inc. where his talents in engineering, construction, appraising, cost estimating and architecture culminated.

He has assembled a talented team of experts to prepare the in-depth studies necessary for successful Cost Segregation Studies. His focus on strategic solutions has already placed his company in the national scope of reputable firms for prominent accounts seeking a Cost Segregation Study.

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Cost Segregation Associates, Inc. is the perfect gathering of experienced and talented engineers, architects, appraisers, and cost estimators who perform the highest level Cost Segregation studies in the industry. We are also commercial real estate professionals who assist CPAs and legal firms with our no fee review and history of ethical and fair treatment of the cost segregation process.

Our staff is knowledgeable of IRS audit procedures and we are the designated experts specified by the IRS to perform such detailed studies. We pride ourselves on our 100% successful track record and assure quality results. That is why tax advisors and attorneys utilize our engineering approach for the efficient and cost effective tax treatment for their customers.

Cost Segregation studies are our company's singular focus so we provide this service nationally with renowned customer service and accurate results. Our team values the cost-saving impact of the detailed studies. We maximize the cost-saving benefits for all types of commercial and industrial property and we align our studies in strict conformity to the IRS guidelines.

Our team is comprised of the study preparers specified by the IRS as well as trained educators and an Attorney formerly with the U.S. Justice Department.

Our professional educators provide instruction about Cost Segregation and our website explains further the history and procedures of Cost Segregation Studies.

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